Outline about KAIT Workshop

KAIT Workshop

Background of establishment

KAIT workshop is established to realize the hope and dream of making creative goods freely. So it is not for the curriculum of this University.

Function of Workshop

We supply 5 items: a house, facilities, tools, materials, and advisers.

This house is not divided by walls.
The aim is students’ collaboration and unique ideas.
The planner is Mr. Junya Ishigami. He is an up- and coming young designer. Our concept is to “make creative goods in woods”.
The space of Workshop is 2000㎡ and the height of roof is 5m. The slope of roof is 1/75. This roof is supported by 305 pillars. And 42 thick pillars take charge of weight of roof and 263 thin pillars take charge of side shaking. Main color is white.
Ventilation is push- pull system. There are 20 air- conditioning units.

KAIT Workshop

Facilities are composed by pottery, lost waxes- casting, modelling- machine, metal machine, CO₂- LASER machine, circuit- plate machine, woodwork, and printing machines.
(A1- size printing machine, iron- printing machine, cutting machine, laminate machine.)

Principal materials, electronic and mechanical parts are in preparation.

Advisers are 6 staffs and 6 side- job students.
Robot, birdman- plane, solar car and several samples of each facilities are displayed.

Management of Workshop

It is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekday. (Monday – Saturday)
The basic policy is “Safety”. So we prepare safety- system of KAIT Workshop. License system is main system and it is consisted of 3 safety courses: “Safety- manual”, “Equipment- training for C class license”, and “Test- system for B&A class license”.
We entry the getting license to the computer control system and students can use license- equipment through students’ ID cards. And students put on the color- indication tag during working time. C-class license is blue tag, B-class license is orange tag, A-class license is red tag, non- license worker is yellow tag.

Examples of activities

  1. Dream- realization project of getting subsidy: MAX; 1,000,000 yen 19 teams are active now. These posters are exhibited in house.
  2. Free production of individual and group
  3. Parts- production of researches
  4. Science- school and experience- school of regional inhabitants
  5. Contest and exhibition of products

Application Form for the Visit of KAIT Workshop

Due to the worldwide spread of coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19),we have stopped accepting tours for a while to prevent infection. Resumption will be announced on this website.
KAIT_Workshop_Application 48KB

Return this form to the following number

+81 46 291 3335


Please notice pillars at plant- tour.
We permit the photographing of this house but do not take photograph of workers without permission.

For inquiries about KAIT Workshop